A Princely Frog!

Man, Frog and Other People, a fractured fairy tale by writer, Eugene Muzica

Planet Connections Festivity

@The Clemente

107 Suffolk Street


Review by Veronica Romero

Man, Frog and Other People was an hilarious twist on the original princess and the frog story. This story was based on the queen’s order for her kids Prince Alex and Princess Sam to fall in love and so they ended up meeting Man Frog and from there it was an interesting journey and a big change for them.

This play was directed by Irina Abraham and written by Eugene Muzica. Muzica did an incredible job with the adaptation of this story and Abraham the staging and direction. The actors were Danijela Popovic (Queen), Joey Rotter (Prince Alex), Natalie Solomon (Princess Sam), Genia Starcev (Serenity the Witch), Ronnie Williams (Man Frog) all of whom did an incredible job on the stage. Casting was a perfect fit.

This combination of an old story made new was filled with jokes about recent events carried out quite well and very funnily. I like the idea of getting away with being a frog for a day to check out things from under others noses! Good show, very enjoyable and fun. Should be seen by all.

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